The story of the branch of the Stevenson Family which consisted of the descendents of John Stevenson, who was a native of Ireland and who emigrated to America about 1739, was very well told by Dr. Roy Stevenson King, in his "Ancestral Pilgrimage Along Life's Pathway.

Dr. Roy Stevenson King was a native of Greene County, Ohio, a graduate of Ohio State University, and at the time he wrote the Stevenson and Allied Families story, was head of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, GA.

John Stevenson was married to Martha Warwick and settled in the Augusta County region of Virginia.  Martha Warwick Stevenson was massacred by the Indians in July, 1763, in what is now Rockbridge County, Virginia.

Additional information had been discovered in the form of Bible and other records which should be considered as part of the Stevenson story.  In the light of these recent findings, a few of the relationships as given by Dr. King have been changed.   No copy of the "The Ancestral Pilgrimage" by Dr. King was found in either of the Columbus libraries which have genealogical sections.  A copy in the Greene county library at Xenia is for reference only.  Dr. King sent this writer (Frances Stevenson Main) a copy several years ago, some time before his death, which occurred in 1956.

To refresh the memory of the reader:

JOHN STEVENSON, born Ireland circa. 1704-5, died circa. 1780, probably in Kentucky, Married Martha Warwick, born Ireland, died 7-1763, Va.  Had children:

  I.  John Stevenson, born 1726, probably Ireland, died 1802 Woodford Co. KY.  Married Margaret Moore.  Will in Woodford Co. names children, wife and one grandchild
  II.  James Stevenson born circa 1730, probably Ireland died 7/10/1809, according to Pisgah church record, Woodford Co, KY.
  III.  Thomas Stevenson , born circa 1732, killed at Blue Licks.  Married Miss McConnell, lived in Fayette Co. KY.
  IV.  William Stevenson born circa. 1738, died 12 July 1808, church record says age 70.  Will in Woodford Co, names wife Susanna and children.
  V.  Robert or Robin Stevenson born circa 1741, died post 1791, probably in KY.  Mar. Elizabeth probably dau. Robert Kirkpatrick, Rockbridge Co. VA.
  VI.  Samuel Stevenson born 11 March 1744, d 17 Dec 1825 in Woodford Co. KY will recorded in Woodford Co, KY and Greene County, OH names wife and children.

The following pages will record the families of John, James, Thomas, William, Robert and Samuel.  The changes which have been found will be noted.

The story of the migration of the Stevenson and other families from Virginia to Kentucky is record in the Draper manuscripts which are in the State Library at Madison, Wisconsin.  Interviews given by James Stevenson (son of John #1) and Jane Stevenson, wife of Samuel, (son #6)

Sources of information will be given with each family.

The research was done by Frances Stevenson Main with the help and cooperation of the kind people whose names and addresses are listed with the report of each family.

Frances Stevenson Main
250 West William St.
Delaware, OH.

I. JOHN STEVENSON, born 1726, probably Ireland, died in 1802, Woodford County, KY to which he had moved 1779.  Married Margaret Moore. Wife  Margaret named in will, grandson HUGH, son of my son Robert.  He had a land grant in Fayette Co, KY. Children:
  1. Thomas Stevenson, baptized 13 Jan 1743, Old Stone Church, Augusta Co VA.  Married (1) Miss Hamilton, (2) Sophie Francisco.  All children by first wife.  Had large family, Moved to Saline County, MO.
  2. John Stevenson, baptized 25 June 1748. Old Stone Church, Augusta Co VA.  Married Margaret ___, cousin of Gen. Harrison.  Moved to Springfield, Ill.  Is said to have laid out that city.
  3. James Stevenson, born circa 1760, died in Boone County, KY.  He gave a long interview to Rev. Shano (Shannon) which is published in the Draper manuscripts.  These are in the Wisconsin State Library at Madison, Wisconsin.
  4. Robert Stevenson born circa 1762, died 1846.  Will in Woodford Co KY. Married Elizabeth Harrison, cousin of Gen. Harrison.  Robert's son Hugh is mentioned in will of John Stevenson, probated 1802.  Children:
   a. John Stevenson. Married Martha Allen.
   b. Harriett Stevenson. Married Archibald Hoxsey
   c. Elizabeth Stevenson married Sanford Watson.
   d. Colby Stevenson married Nancy Arbuckle.
   e. Hugh M. Stevenson, Major in Black Hawk War.   Stephenson, Illinois is said to be named for him.
   f. Augustus Stevenson married (1) Miss Cave, (2) Miss Feltwell.
   g. Addison Stevenson
   h. Saline Stevenson married _____ Ormdorff
   i. Preston Stevenson married 1824 Nancy Reedy. born 1806 in Harrison Co, KY Children 7, among them:
    1. Judge Joseph A. Stephenson, Forristal, Warren Co, MO
    2. Margaret Stevenson
    3. Barton Stevenson
    4. Eliphet Stevenson
    5. Melinda Stevenson

5. Elizabeth Stevenson b-died 6 March 1797 Col. James Dunlap, born 1769, died 1821.  Moved 1799 to Ross Co, OH.  Col. Dunlap was prominent in early Ohio politics.

Most of the information about John Stevenson and family was obtained from Dr. King's genealogy, the Draper manuscripts and court records of Woodford County, KY.

Dr. C. F. Voyles, M.D. 4150 Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN has further records on family of Preston Brown Stevenson.  The record is as follows: Son Robert Stevenson 4th son above:
  1. Robert Stevenson born Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co, VA 1762.  Married Elizabeth Harrison, cousin of General Harrison.  Served in War of 1812.  Died 1846 Waynesville, IL age 84.  Dr. Voyles' record says this Robert lived in Christian Co, KY 1820 to 1835.  Children:
   a. John Stevenson married Martha Allen.
   b. Harriett Stevenson married Archibald Hoxsey
   c. Colby Stevenson married Nancy Arbuckle.
   d. Elizabeth Stevenson married Sanford Watson.
   e. Hugh M. Stevenson, Major in Black Hawk War.
   f. Augustus Stevenson married (1) Miss Cave, (2) Miss Feltwell
   g. Addison Stevenson, pioneer lawyer of Springfield, IL
   h. Saline Stevenson married Mr. Ormdorf
   i. Preston Brown Stevenson married Nancy Reedy 1824 Harrison Co, KY. Children:
    1. Sarah Stevenson married Thomas Barrett
    2. Joseph A. Stevenson Associate Judge Warren Co, MO born 14 October 1832, Trigg Co, KY. Married 1856 Ann Eliza Caldwell.
     a. Preston C. Stevenson, hardware business Lamar, MO
     b. Guy Stevenson educated Lincoln School St. Louis, MO
     c. Chas. J. Stevenson salesman
     d. Blanche Stevenson John T. Higgins, real estate business, Lamar, MO
     e. Richard Stevenson, merchant in Odin, IL
     f. Mildred Stevenson, graduate Central Wesleyan, with American Baptist of St. Louis, MO
     g. Homer A. Stevenson, studying law in St. Louis, MO
     h. Bertha A. Stevenson, teaches music in Patoka, IL
    1. Emma Pl. Stevenson married Rufus Barrett.
    2. Robert A. Stevenson, surgeon in Union Army.
    3. Charles Preston Stevenson, farmer near Seward, Nebraska

In one account, Margaret Stevenson, Barton S. Stevenson, Eliphet N. Stevenson and Melinda Stevenson are listed as children of Preston Brown Stevenson and Nancy Reedy Stevenson.  In another record they do not appear at all.

II. JAMES STEVENSON, the second son of John Stevenson and Martha Warwick Stevenson, born circa 1730, probably Ireland, died Woodford County, KY 10 July 1809.  A Pisgah church record of 1808 names wife of James as Mary.  James had a land grant in Fayette Co, KY.  Only child of record:
 1. James Stevenson Jr. Clerk of Woodford Co. KY.  Married Polly Dunlap, daughter of Alexander and Agnes Gay Dunlap, according to record of Dr. King.  Railey's History of Woodford County lists children:
  a. Dr. Alexander Dunlap Stevenson died 1853 of cholera.
  b. James R. Stevenson married Caroline Elliott, daughter of James and Sallie Johnson Elliott.,
  c. Margaret Stevenson born 1812, married Dr. Robert Harvey Wasson.
  d. Elizabeth Stevenson married William Cooper.

III. THOMAS STEVENSON, born 1732, killed at Blue Licks 1782.  Married Miss McConnell, lived Fayette Co KY. Source for this family is Mrs. John Atkins Stevenson of Hurricane Hall, Lexington, KY.  One son:
 1. Thomas Stevenson born Fayette Co, KY died 1832.  Married Emily Madison Children:
  a. Thomas G. Stevenson died 1868
  b. John T. Stevenson born 1819, Married Emma Cromwell.
 1. Elizabeth Stevenson married J. W. Craig
   a. James William Craig, Jr.
 1. Richard Stevenson married Dee Rice, no children.
  2. Charles Carroll Stevenson married Jessie Wood
   a. Frances Stevenson married Samuel Cassiday.
 1. Vincent T. Stevenson died 1865 unmarried
 2. John W. Stevenson, no children
 3. James Benjamin Stevenson married Nellie Thompson Children:
   a. Julia Farnsworth Stevenson married Granville Craig.  She died 1920.  Had one son. No name given.
   b. John Atkins Stevenson born 1891.  Married Lucille Caldwell Brooks, born 1888.  Address Hurricane Hall, RR Lexington, KY Children:
   1. James Thompson Stevenson born 1919, married Martha Moseley 1944 Children:
    a. Samuel Thompson Stevenson b 10 Dec 1952
   1. Betsy Banks Stevenson born 8 Sept 1923 married 20 Jan 1945 Thomas Mills Watkins Jr.
    a. Betsy Ann Watkins born 14 March 1946
    a. Thomas Mills Watkins III born 14 Sept 1949.

IV. WILLIAM STEVENSON born circa. 1738, d 12 July 1808.  Will in Woodford Co, KY names wife Susanna and children.
  1. James Stevenson
  2. William Stevenson
  3. John Stevenson
  4. Polly Stevenson
  5. Martha Stevenson
  6. Susanna Stevenson
  7. Peggy Stevenson
  8. Betsy Stevenson
  9. Jinney Stevenson
The Pisgah church record gives the date of death of Susanna as 15 Feb 1825.  William had a land grant on the Elkhorn River, 1782, 1783, 1784, 1785, 1786 for his Revolutionary War services, according to Dr. King's book.

 I. ROBERT or ROBIN STEVENSON, born circa. 1741 died post 1791, probably in KY.  We have less data on this son of John and Martha Warwick Stevenson than any of the other sons.  In the Draper manuscripts, interview given by Jane Gay Stevenson, the widow of Samuel (brother to Robert) it says "Robert went to Nolachucky when the rest of the family went to Kentucky, and was brought out by the brothers in 1788."  Also in Collins History of Kentucky, Vol. II, page 367, :Muster Roll of Capt. James Brown's Co. of Mounted Kentucky Volunteers in service of U. S. against Wiah or Weah Indians, command by Brig. Gen. Charles Scott, mustered in at Rapids of Ohio, June 15, 1791, by Capt. B. Smith of 1st U.S. Regt. : Samuel Stevenson, John Stevenson brother, Sgt., Robert Stevenson, also a brother.:
 Bible records in possession of Mrs. Sarah E. Paull, 2470 Rugby Rd., Dayton, OH, and a duplicate in Bible belonging to Mrs. Alta Ann Stacy, 633 9th St. Douglas, AZ whose relationship to Robert Stevenson will be noted, say "Robert Stevenson and wife Elizabeth", were parents of William Stevenson, born 19 July 1765.

 In Rockbridge Co. VA, the will of Robert Kirkpatrick probated 1780, names daughter Elizabeth Stevenson and Robert Stevenson was one of the executors.  There was another marriage between Robert Kirkpatrick's daughter Jean and James Gay.  James Gay's first wife, Jane Warwick, was killed by the Indians, 1759 leaving him with 8 children.  He married Jean Kirkpatrick as second wife.  Jane Gay, daughter of James and first wife, married Samuel Stevenson, younger brother of Robert.
 Photocopies of these Bible records are in possession of this compiler.  They say "William Stevenson, son of Robert Stevenson and wife Elizabeth was born 19 July 1765.  William Stevenson and Rachel Kirkpatrick were married Jan 4, 1786.  Note the birth of Rachel is not given.  William Stevenson died Nov 8, 1826, aged 61 yrs 8 mos."

 From the records of Mr. E. Speers McCollough, 1612 Forest Ave, Knoxville, TN we have data concerning John Kirkpatrick, native of Scotland, married in Dauphin Co, PA to Jane Will__os, migrated to District of Watauga, now East TN, 1778.  Daughter Rachel was born 1 March 1765, according to Bible records in possession of Mr. McCollough.  Marriage of William Stevenson and Rachel Kirkpatrick probably took place in TN, as the first son of this couple was born in TN.  Robert Stevenson, born 3 July 1788. Census 1850, Greene Co, OH.

 The relationship between William Stephenson (he spelled it thus), the only child of Robert and Elizabeth we have record of, and John Stevenson, son of Samuel Stevenson (brother of Robert) is spelled out in an affidavit from Mrs. Paull, 2470 Rugby Rd., Dayton, OH, and Miss Bess James, 36 Glenwood Ave Dayton, OH.  Mrs. Paull is a great-granddaughter of William Stephenson (born 1765 in VA, died 1826 Ohio) and Miss James is a great-granddaughter of John Stevenson, (born 22 July 1776 in VA, died 14 May 1846 in Greene Co. OH), who was a son of Samuel Stevenson.  Of their own personal knowledge they make an affidavit to the effect that William and John were first cousins, being sons of brothers, Samuel and Robert Stevenson.

 The first recorded appearance of William Stephenson in Greene County, OH, is his marriage to Margaret (Widow Peggy) Scott, 19 Nov 1808.  One of the histories of Greene County says he came to OH about 1803.  He bought land in Miami township in 1813 from James Galloway and wife.

  A. William STEPHENSON, son of Robert and wife Elizabeth, born 19 July 1765, in Virginia, d 8 Nov 1820 in Greene Co. OH and buried in the Old Massie's Creek Cemetery, also called the Stevenson Cemetery.  He left a will, written in 1820, naming wife, children and one stepson Chas. Scott. William is the only child of this couple we have record of.  We do not know which of the children belonged to the family of the first wife, Rachel Kirkpatrick.  Further search into the marriage of "my sister Rachel" mentioned in Homer P's Bible may reveal something.  William married the second time 19 Nov 1808, so this is a starting  point.  Children:
   1. Robert Stevenson, b 3 July 1788 in TN (1850 census), died 20 April 1868, age 79 10 mo. 7 days Married (1) Sarah Cohagen 3 Feb 1814, born 24 June 1795, died 29 Dec 1847.  Buried with Robert in Stevenson Cem.  Married (2) (widow) Martha Mills Conwell 14 May 1852, born 1799, died 15 Feb 1879 OH.  Children by 1st wife:
    a. William Stevenson born 17 Nov 1814, mar Catherine Mills 19 Nov 1844, born ? died 11 Feb 1846, buried Stevenson Cem. No record of a 2nd marriage, but a Miss Ada Stevenson, born 11 May 1858, living in Memorial Home from the Aged, Harlan, IA, 100 years old May 11, 1958, is his daughter, according to Mrs. Paull of Dayton, OH.
    b. John B. Stevenson, born 2 Oct 1816 died 5 July 1842, age 25 yrs 9 mo. Buried Stevenson Cem near father and mother.
    c. Caroline Stevenson born 13 Jan 1819 died 16 Feb 1822
    d. Thomas Perry Stevenson born 28 Oct 1821 died 24 March 1890.  Married 19 Nov 1844 to Nancy Conwell, daughter Martha Mills Conwell Stevenson and first husband ___ Conwell.
    e. Charles W. Stevenson born 8 Jan 1824, died 4 Nov 1892. Buried Stevenson Cem.
    f. Samuel Stevenson born 28 Feb 1827 died 15 July 1890, age 63-4-18 days.
    g. James M. Stevenson born 24 May 1829, died Jan 1879 Married 21 Dec 1857 to Margaret Hutchison born Feb 1839, died 24 March 1881.
    This family went to Garnett, Kansas.  Daughter Catherine came back to Yellow Springs, OH to live with a relative and there married Frank Johnson
    1. Robert Stevenson born before Oct 1860 probably circa. 1859, died ?
    2. Joseph H. Stevenson born 23 Oct 1860, died 2 July 1937. Married 25 August 1904 to Georgina Gregory born 4 May 1878.  Children:
     a. James M. Stevenson born 18 Aug 1905.  Married 10 Oct 1936 to Marguerite Crips born 9 Nov 1907.
     b. Grace C. Stevenson born 1 March 1907.
    1. Anna Stevenson born 29 Feb 1863, died 8 Jan 1883.
    2. Catherine Stevenson born 5 April 1865, died 6 Sept 1930.  Married no date given to Frank Johnson born 14 Feb 1860, died 25 Oct 1935.  This family lived in Yellow Spring, OH. Children:
     a. Mary Johnson born 18 Oct 1887, married, several children names unknown.
     b. Whitman Johnson born 29 July 1889, died 1924
     c. Margaret Johnson born 29 July 1890, died 194.  Married Harry Milligan born 1888, died 1949 Children:
      1. Josephine Milligan married Terry Vincent.  (Note by compiler FSM: There is some confusion here as to the names of children.  This is as nearly as it could be understood)
     a. Clarence Johnson born 7 Aug 1891 died 1916.
     b. Howard Johnson born 24 Sept 1892. Married, had children. No other record.
     c. Florence Johnson born 29 July 1897.  Married Russell Ark, born 8 July 1902.  Lives Yellow Springs, OH, Son:
      1. James Ark, b 12 Oct 1926.
     a. George Johnson born 6 Oct 1898. Married Freda Fellows. Children:
      1. James Johnson , b ?
     a. Ernest Johnson born 12 Dec 1903. Married Leah Shook born 15 Sept 1907.
    1. John Ernest Stevenson born 5 July 1867 died 2 June 1946.  Married Clara Thornton born 14 Nov 1871, died 15 Oct 1938. No living children.
   h. Robert Stevenson born 15 Nov 1831 died 14 Aug 1852. Buried Kenton, OH
    a. David Stevenson born 11 Feb 1833 died 10 Aug 1900.
    b. Henry M. Stevenson born 8 March 1837 died 9 Feb 1842
    c. Eliza Jane Stevenson born 27 Jan 1841 died 2 June 1901.  Married 24 Jan 1867 James Albert Hopping born 2 March 1833 died 8 March 1902.  Children:
    1. William Stevenson Hopping born 11 Jan 1868, died 24 July 1945.  Married Mary Alice Boots 8 July 1912.  She died 26 May 1954.  No children listed.
    2. Walter Morehead Hopping born 17 Oct 1871 died 3 April 1953.  Married 23 Aug 1898 to Mary Olive McGarey.  She died 1 Oct 1940.  No Children listed.
    3. Sarah Elizabeth Hopping born 21 Feb 1879. Married 16 Aug 1905 to Carl Gilmore Paull born ? died ? Children:
      a.  Robert Bruuce Paull born 28 Sept 1906.  Married 20 June 1934 to Martha Elizabeth Bigger born 16 July 1910.  Children:
     1. Robert Charles Paull born 8 May 1940 lives in Fairlawn, NJ. Freshman at Dickinson College Carlisle, PA 1958-59.
      a.  Margaret Jan Paull born 29 Dec 1915. Lives with her mother 2470 Rugby Rd. Dayton OH.
    a. Sarah Medlon born 8 Aug 1826 was adopted into this family 28 March 1828.
   1. Jeanie Stephenson, named Jeanie Gibson in William's will.  She married Andrew Gibson 9 Sept 1806 in Greene Co. OH.  Her daughter, Margaret Gibson, married __ Gibson, no relative, and moved to Gibson City, IL according to information given by Mr. Chas. Thomas Stevenson of Quincy, OH.  He said that Margaret Gibson had worked for his family before the move to Illinois.
   2. John Stephenson.  No data on this son has been obtained.  The military record of a John Stephenson was in the Bible of Homer P. Stevenson of Hardin Co, OH.  This Bible is in possession of Miss Katherine Stevenson, 536 N. Madriver St. Bellefontaine, OH.  This compiler did not get a copy.
   3. Elizabeth Stephenson, named Elizabeth Mills in the will.  She born 1794 died 3 Feb 1875.  Married 8 Feb 1816 to John Mills, born 1795 KY, died 10 May 1886.  Left will in Greene Co, OH.  Data from Mills genealogy loaned by Miss Wilmah Spencer, Cedarville, OH.  Will names children and grand children.
    a. Maria Mills married ___ Bryant.
    b. Rachel Mills
    c. Sendah or Senah Mills, died 22 Sept 1870 in Osage County, Kansas.  In 1846 he bought the land which had belonged to his grandfather, William Stephenson Sr. from William Stephenson Jr. and wife Elizabeth who were then living in Elkhart Co, IN.
    d. Margarot Mills
    e. Martha Mills married ___ Torbet
    f. Mary Mills married ___ Lucas, lived in Xenia, OH.
    g. Jacob Mills lived in Jackson Co, Oregon.
    h. John Mills lived Johnson County, MO.
    i. Thomas Mills lived near the Mills homestead.
   1. Charles W. Stephenson born 10 Sept 1796 KY died Hardin Co, OH 7 May 1854.  Buried Seig Cem. Married 16 Jan 1819 Greene Co. OH Cynthia Scott daughter Margaret Hillis Scott Stevenson.  Cynthia born 19 Aug 1795 KY died 29 Oct 1870 Hardin Co. OH. Children:
    a. William Stevenson born circa. 1819-20 Greene Co. OH.  Went to Vandalia, IL
    b. Margaret Stevenson born ? died ? Married 16 Jan 1840 to Lewis Miller. Moved to Nebraska.
    c. David P. Stevenson born 1828 in Hardin Co OH.  Married Rachel Monroe.  He was Treasurer Hardin Company 1878-1888.  In 1880-he had
     1. Charles E. Stevenson
     2. Robert P. Stevenson
     3. David M. Stevenson
     4. Jesse A. Stevenson
    a. Charles Wilkins Stevenson born 23 March 1833 died 2 Oct 1913 in Hot Springs SD.  Buried Johnstown, Nebraska.  Married (1) 1 Dec 1859 to Laura (court record, family says Louisa) Funk Stewart, a widow born 5 Feb 1826 died 4 Aug 1862.  (2) Elizabeth King 27 March 1866 in Hardin Co. OH born 23 March 1835 probably in Ohio.  Children 1 and 2 by first marriage, 3-5 by second marriage:
     1. Charles Elmer Stevenson born 1 Dec 1860, Huntsville, OH died Tonasket, Washington.  Married 14 May 1894 Hansford, WY to Lucretia Jones born 10 Nov 1874 died 28 Jan 1942. Children:
     a. Leslie Jones Stevenson born 30 March 1895 Hansford, WY unmarried.
     b. Maude Maythel Stevenson born 27 Sept 1897, Fairview Utah, married (1) 2 April 1917 George Washington Win, born 18 May 1890 died 14 July 1944, (2) Albert Franklin Colgrove.. Note: Furnished the record of the family of Charles Wilkins Stevenson born 1833 Hardin Co, OH.  Mailing address Box 338 Monitor, WA.
     1. Frank Elmer Win born 13 April 1918 Kamiah, Idaho.  Married 25 Oct 1943 Ladelia Irene Hamilton.
     a. George William Win born 22 June 1945.
     b. Diane Louis Win born 3 July 1947.
     1. Nelcie Etta Win born 12 Aug 1919, Kamiah, ID.  Married 4 Feb 1943 James M. Pope Jr.
     a. Kathleen Adele Popoe born 27 Aug 1945 died 27 Aug 1945.
     b. David Lee Pope adopted 22 Oct 1956.
     1. Doram Dale Win born 28 Jan 1921, Kamiah, ID.  Married 4 Nov 1949 to Francis Hamilton.  2 step children.
     2. Virginia Marie Win born 2 Oct 1924, Wenatchee, WY. Married 1945 to John R. Scrivner (spelling uncertain)
     a. Chrystine Lee Scrivner born 26 June 1946
     b. Emma Addelia Stevenson born 27 June 1901 Cumberland, WY unmarried.
     1. Ernest David Stevenson born 4 Aug 1862.
     2. Lura Bell Stevenson born 4 April 1867, Kenton, OH died 25 Aug 1942.  Married 1 Jan 1884 to Thomas Jefferson Johnson born 25 June 1854 died 13 Dec 1936.  Children:
     a. Eva Mae Johnson born 3 Feb 1885 Johnstown, NE.  Married 26 Sept 1907 Johnstown, NE to Henry L. Jackman born 16 Sept 1885 Lemar, IA.  Children:
     1. Mildred Gertrude Jackman married 26 Nov 1930 Ross Seymour.
     2. Edna Mae Jackman b 20 Jan 1911 Married 22 March 1930 to Robert Bales
     3. Gatha H. Jackman born 27 Oct 1913 died 30 Oct 1949.  Married 18 Sept 1932 Chas. Berckhemer.
     4. Louis Gilbert Jackman born 16 Aug 1915.  Married 14 Dec 1941 Loretta ___.
     5. Lorane Garnet Jackman born 16 Aug 1915 died 16 Aug 1915.
     a. Thomas Jefferson Johnson born 22 Jan 1887.  Married 26 June 1909 Ada Gould born 12 Jan 1883. Children:
     1. Harold Johnson born 14 Nov 1913 Johnstown, NE.  Married 16 July 1939 Eleanor Call.
     a. Bessie Elizabeth Johnson born 24 Dec 1890.  Married 28 Sept 1910 Ira L. Griffith born 20 Feb 1889 Broken Bow, NE.  Children:
     1. Wilma Gladys Griffith born 26 Sept 1911.  Married 1 June 1932 Howard Bink.
     2. Lura Mae Griffith born 5 Feb 1917.  Married 6 Sept 1936 to Harold Smith.
     a. Charles Wilkins Johnson born 1 Jan 1892.  Married 1 Dec 1910 to Roxana Bradley. Children:
     1. Eldred Johnson born 8 Sept 1911.
     a. William Chestley Johnson born 11 June 1898.  Married 26 Oct 1924 to Helen Quinn. Children:
     1. William Joseph Johnson
     2. Patricia Johnson.
     a. Maude Lenora Johnson born 19 May 1899.  Married 1 Dec 1915 to Louie Shedlack (Ludwig), born 27 Aug 1890 Schuyler, NE.  Children:
     1. Lenora Bell Shadlack born 26 Sept 1916.  Married Herbert De Buir.
     2. Joseph Austin Shedlack born 29 Nov 19??.
     3. Bonnie Louise Shedlack born 28 June 1937 Mission SD.  Married Bud Eldridge.
     a. Helen Gould Johnson born 22 Sept 1900.  Married 15 July 1920 to Vincent Tedrowm born 15 April 1899.   Children:
     1. Colleen Audrey Tedrow born ?.  Married ___ Snyder.
     2. Bernadine Ann Tedrow born Chadron, NE.  Married 31 May 1953 Robert Logan.
     3. Cynthia Ellen Stevenson born 3 May 1870, Kenton, OH d 15 July 1948. Married 1 Jan 1890 to Harry C. Rowe (a note says his real name was Ed Keys) born 28 March 1861 Glenwood, IA died 19 Jan 1938. Children:
     a. Charles Harry Rowe born 5 Oct 1890 Cody, NE.  Married Bertha Edna Starkey
     1. Alice Edna Row born 25 Jan 1915.
     2. Harry Andrew Rowe born 25 Nov 1917.
     3. Clarence Ernest Rowe born Jan 1919.
     4. Dada Marie born 8 March 1924.
     5. Ada Ellen born 8 March 1924.
     a. Alice Rebecca Row born 6 Sept 1892.  Married Ray Bowersox.
     1. Kenneth Bowersox
     2. Bill Bowersox
     a. Ernest Eugene Rowe born 18 May 1895.  Married Jessie ___.
     b. Philip Clair Rowe 18 Aug 1896 Mansfield, MO died 27 Oct 1957.  Married Tillie Carter.
     c. Paul Lester Rowe b 4 Nov 1900.  Married Gertrude McCart.
    1. Lester Bruce Rowe b 24 Sept 1925.
     d. Frank Earl Rowe born 30 Aug 1911 Lane NE.  Married Marie Kapps.
     1. Margaret Jane Stevenson born 7 March 1876 St. Paul Nebr. died 27 Feb 1954 Angelica, NY.  Married 14 Oct 1894 to Howard Case born 14 Oct 1866, Bradford, PA died in Angelica, NY.
     a. Iven Ella Case b 18 Aug 1895.  Unmarried.
     b. Andrew Milton Case born 19 Jan 1898.  Married Grace Lobaugh.
     c. Charles Walter Case born 1 Nov 1900.  Married Marie ___.
     d. Merel Edwan Case born 14 Nov 1903.  Married Loudice Lucky.
     e. Howard Merion Case born 10 Aug 1905.  Married Florence Hodgson.
     f. Allen Case born 27 Jan 1907.  Married Alween Steadman.
     g. Louis Case born 21 April 1909.  Married Christine Miller.
     h. Margaret Jane Case born 28 Feb 1915.  Married ___ Hall.
     i. Mildred Case born 28 Jan 1917.
    a. Clarissa Stevenson born ? died 8 March 1845..  Married 23 April 1844 to Samuel Stewart.
     1. Cynthia Stewart born 8 March 1845 died 15 Nov 1938.  Married 3 March 1868 John McCracken.  Children (partial listing):
    a. Blanche McCracken East Sandusky St. Bellefontaine, OH.  Miss McCracken will furnish other names of this family if contacted.
    a. Euphemia Stevenson died Kenton, OH.  Married John Morrison.
    b. Usher Stevenson died Kenton, OH.
    c. Daughter died young.
    d. Daughter. died young.
   1. Mary Stephenson, probably married Joseph Robinson in Greene Co. OH.13 Aug 1833.  We have no further record of her or her family.
   2. William Stephenson.  The only record we have of him is the deed he gave, in 1846, to Senah Mills for the land which William Sr. bought in 1813 from James Galloway.  William's wife was Elizabeth, according to the deed, and they lived in Elkhart Co IN.  Also the Hardin Co History says that Homer P. Stevenson's brother William was the first teacher in the township, Taylor Creek, Hardin Co, OH.  This compiler has a photocopy of the contract which Homer P. and William signed in 1855.  The original is in the possession of Miss Katherine Stevenson, 536 N. Madriver St. Bellefontaine, OH.
   3. Samuel Stephenson born 4 Sept 1804 (so William Sr. was in Greene County. then for it say he was born Green Co OH) died 3 May 1873 Hardin Co. OH.  Married Greene Co OH 23 Jan 1828 to Harriett Webb born 26 Dec 1809 died 19 April 1873.  Family buried Norman Cem Hardin Co. Court record of estate.
    a. Robert Stevenson born ? died 7 Jan 1865, age 23 yr 11 mo 28 day, Civil War.  Married 9 Jan 1861 to Rilla Jane Harris.  121 Regt Ohio Vols Co A.
    1. Samuel Stevenson born circa 1862.
    b. John B. Stevenson died 25 July 1867 age 35 yr 2 mo 9 da.  Married Sophrinia Cutting in Hardin Co.
    c. William P. Stevenson born 1850 died 1885.  Married 21 Oct 1872 Elizabeth Phillips born Nov 1849 died 1912.
    d. Sarah Stevenson married John Crumvine, so stated in estate settlement 1873.
    e. Sareptu Stevenson married 3 Feb 1862 Charles Wilkins Hardin Co, OH.
    f. Polly Stevenson was also named in the will.
   1. Rachel Stephenson, according to letters in possession of Mrs. Alta Ann Smith Stacy, 633 9th St. Douglas, AZ and the Bible in possession of Miss Katherine Stevenson of Bellefontaine, OH, married a Mr. Parrott and lived in Washington Courthouse, OH.  We do not know whether Rachel was the daughter of William's first wife Rachel Kirkpatrick, or the second Margaret Hillis Scott, the widow. This second marriage took place in 1808.  Samuel was born in 1804, so Rachel was born sometime between.  Due to the name Rachel, we GUESS she was the daughter of the first wife.  Widow Scott supposedly had 5 children by her first husband.  We know of two, Charles, mentioned in the will of William, and Cynthia, who married her step-brother, Charles W. Stephenson.
   2. David Stephenson, said by Homer P. Stevenson, younger brother, to have died of cholera. Married Nancy Brown.  This statement was also in the letters of Mrs. Stacy.
   3. James Stephenson born 29 Feb 1812, Greene Co. OH died 1878 Effingham, IL.  Married (1) 8 July 1832 Louisa Osborne born 9 July 1815 d 30 July 1838.These records are from old letters found in Effingham, IL, no place given.  Married (2) Eliza Jan Silby 4 Jan 1842 in Decatur Co, IN born 16 Oct 1824 died 23 July 1896.  Children:
    a. Eliza L. born 6 April 1833.
    b. Harlow W. Stevenson born 23 April 1836.
    c. William Stevenson born 14 Jan 1843.  Served in Civil War, died in Veterans Hosp.
    d. Margaret Stevenson born 6 Nov 1844, died young.
    e. Mary Stevenson born 10 April 1846.
    f. John Jay Stevenson born 22 Jan 1848, IN died 28 April 1903 Stoddard Co, MO.  Married 11 Jan 1873 Nancy Jane Evans born 25 June 1846 died 22 June 1916 Moneta, CA.  Children:
    1. Emery Presley Stevenson born 6 Nov 1873 died 2 May 1911.  Married 11 March 1900 to Bertha Stowell born 20 Jan 1883 died 21 Feb 1930.
    a. Claire Stevenson Married Paul Nussbaum, lives Cape Girardeau MO.
    b. William Presley Stevenson lives 1411 N. Cole Ct. Peoria, IL.  This gentleman is interested in research and will answer queries and letters promptly.
    c. Robert Stevenson born 9 Dec 1849.
    d. James Owen Stevenson born 29 Nov 1831 died young.
    e. Rachel Ella Stevenson, born 18 July 1854.
    f. Anna Rebecca Stevenson born 10 Oct 1856.
    g. Richard Stevenson born 12 July 1858.
    h. Louisa A. Stevenson born 22 Aug 1861.
    i. Sarah Gladys born 5 May 1864.
    j. Homer Stevenson born 9 Feb 1867
    k. Alena Stevenson born 9 Feb 1867
    l. Charles Etnire Stevenson born 4 Sept 1868.
   1. Homer Perry Stevenson born 31 May 1816 in Greene Co. OH died 14 Sept 1903.  Homer P. spelled his name with a "V".  His half brothers who lived nearby spelled the name with a "PH".  Married 26 Nov 1840 in Hardin Co. OH to Mary Ann Hulinger.  Will recorded in Hardin Co OH.  His Bible is in possession of his grand daughter, Miss Katherine Stevenson, Bellefontaine, OH.
    a. Bartley Elliott born 11 Jan 1842.  Killed 19 Sept 1864 Battle of Winchester, VA Civil War.
    b. Lewis Miller Stevenson born 2 July 1844 died 1935 buried Seig Cem. Hardin Co, OH Children:
    1. Luwitta Stevenson married ___ Buchanan.  She is a widow.
    2. Katherine Stevenson lives with sister 536 N. Madriver St. Bellefontaine, OH.
    a. Rachel Harriett Stevenson born 11 Nov 1846.  Married 1 Jan 1867 Lee King.  She wrote some of the Civil War letters found in Effingham, IL.  They were written to William Stevenson, son of James Stevenson, brother of her father Homer P.
    b. Preston William Stevenson born 6 Sept 1849 died 25 Sept 1851
    c. Sarah Elizabeth Stevenson born 9 Aug 1852.  Married Albert Ranney, farmer near Kenton, OH.
    d. Perry Homer Stevenson born 26 May 1855.  Married Amy Barby.  Son:
    1. Scott Stevenson lived in 1910 near Bellefontaine, OH..
    a. David Porter Stevenson  born 25 May 1858.  Married Sarah Bailey.
    1. Ruth Stevenson.  Married ___ Paxton. Lives in Belle Center, OH.
    a. James Usher Stevenson  born 11 Jan 1861 died1 Nov 1864.
    b. Margaret Jane (Maggi Jane in Bible) born 11 April 1865.  Married Otis Hopkings according to Hardin Co records.    13. Preston Stevenson born 1819 died 28 April 1862, Pittsburgh Landing, TN Civil War.  Married 11 Aug 1840 in Montgomery Co, OH to Sarah Ann Scott born 14 July 1823 Dayton, OH died 24 Feb 1889 buried Kenton, OH, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Scott. Children:
    a. William Wesley Stevenson born 13 Sept 1842 died 1904.  Buried Kenton, OH.  Married 7 May 1868 Mary Catherine Truxel.  Served in Civil War.
    1. Jacob B. Stevenson born 5 Nov 1869 died 1950.  Married Florence Fritsch.
    a. Dorothea Stevenson
    b. William Preston Stevenson
    1. Lottie Stevenson born 31 Oct 1871.  Unmarried. .  Living in 1955
    2. Charles Clement Stevenson born 1 Feb 1879 died 10 April 1920. Occupation: Auditor Hardin Co. OH circa 1919.  Married Helen Lehman of Dayton.  Her address is 551 Kling Dr. Dayton, OH.  She gave this compiler most of the data on this family, this cooperation being very much appreciated.
    a. Donald Clement Stevenson born 13 May 1921.  Married Genevieva Bjornberg.  Lives in Portsmouth, OH.  Children:
    1. Kaila Sue Stevenson born 12 Sept 1944.
    2. Karol Ann Stevenson born 29 Oct 1953.
    a. Robert W. Stevenson born 5 August 1922 died 10 Jan 1957.  Unmarried.
    1. Benjamin Scott Stevenson born 24 Nov 1844.  Married ___ Clevenger.
    a. William Preston "Bud" Stevenson died circa 1956.  Lived in Columbus, OH.
    b. Lewis Miller Stevenson.  Married Alice ___.
    1. Robert L. Stevenson
    a. Clevenger Stevenson. Lived in Yellow Springs, OH, now in FL.  Occupation: Newspaper work in Columbus, OH.
    b. Preston Lincoln Stevenson.  Married Ida Emma ___ died 1 Dec 1958 aged 80+ Central College, OH.  One son, 6 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren, 1 gg.grandchild.
    1. Emory Scott. Stevenson Lives 53 Reeb Ave Columbus, OH.
    2. Martha Jane Stevenson born 23 April 1847.  Married Wm. Littler of Springfield, OH.  Had children.  No record give this compiler.
    3. Margaret Elizabeth Stevenson born 3 Nov 1849.  Married Geo. Pratt of Springfield, OH.  If children, we have no record.
    4. Mary Rebecca Stevenson born 22 Mar 1856 died post 1914..  Married W. E. Smith died 1802.  Lived in Kenton, OH.
    a. Minnie B. Smith.  Occ: Art Teacher in Springfield, OH.
    b. Alta A. Smith.  Married Albert Stacy.  Lives 633 9th St. Douglas, AZ.  She has her mother's Bible in which the data about William Stephenson being the son of Robert Stevenson and wife Elizabeth.  Also record of marriage of William Stevenson and Rachel Kirkpatrick 4 Jan 1786.
    c. Paul Smith.  Occ: Plumber in Kenton, OH.
    1. Preston Lincoln Stevenson born 22 Aug 1860.  Was deaf-mute.  Occupation: Deputy Recorder of Hancock Co, OH in 1914.
This ends the record of the family of William Stephenson born 19 July 1765, son of Robert Stevenson and wife Elizabeth.

I.  SAMUEL STEVENSON born 11 March 1744 VA died 17 Dec 1825 Woodford Co, KY.  Married Augusta Co VA 25 May 1771 Jane Gay born 15 Nov 1750 died 8 Feb 1845 Woodford Co KY, buried in Pisgah church near Versailles, KY.  Jane Gay is the daughter of James Gay and Jane Warwick.  Samuel's will on record in Woodford Co, KY and Greene Co, OH.  Left land in Greene Co to James, John and Thomas, land in Woodford Co to other sons.  Jane Gay Stevenson gave interview for Draper manuscripts.  Children:
  1. James Stevenson born 21 April 1772 VA died 31 March 1864 Greene Co, OH.  Married 3 April 1805 Greene Co, OH, Ann Galloway born 4 Feb 1786 died 26 March 1875.  Children:
   a. Jane Gay Stevenson. Married Vincent King as second wife.
   b. William Dunlap Stevenson.  Married Catherine McClelland.
   c. Rebecca Ann Stevenson.  Married Charles Johnston 21 Feb 1833.
   d. Samuel N. Stevenson born April 1816.  Married 14 March 1846 Sarah Olive Keenean.
   e. Mary Elizabeth Stevenson.  Married (1) James Gibson (2) George W. Connair.
   f. Catherine Stevenson died 29 Aug 1846 age 24 years.  Married George Harbison.
   g. Martha Stevenson.  Married Joseph B. Gibson.
   h. James Gay Stevenson.  Married Sarah J. Gibson.
  1. Martha Stevenson born 23 Feb 1774 died 21 March 1809 according to Pisgah Church records.
  2. John Stevenson born 22 July 1776 VA died 14 May 1846 Green Co, OH buried Massies Creek Cem..  Married 27 Oct 1807 Green Co OH to Catherine Kirkpatrick died 19 Feb 1851 buried Massies Creek Cem. Note: John was given land in Greene Co by his father Samuel's will.  John left a will.  Children:
   a. Thomas Stevenson died 2 Oct 1837 age 19 years 3 mo.
   b. Mary Jane Stevenson 3 Aug 1826 age 1 year.
   c. John K. Stevenson not mentioned in father's will, but in Dr. King's list of children.
   d. Samuel Stevenson, named in will.
   e. Robert Stevenson born 3 July 1823 died 25 Aug 1889.  Colonel in Civil War. Married 14 April 1847 Mary King born 7 Nov 1828 died 5 Jan 1899.  Daughter of John King born Scotland 1789 died March 1882 and Helen Aird born Scotland died 1859.
   f. Alexander D. Stevenson
   g. Margaret Scott Stevenson.  Married ___ Dull after 1852.
   h. Sarah Ann Stevenson.  Married Joseph C. Ward 24 Dec 1835.
   i. Elizabeth Stevenson.  Married ___ Townsley.
  1. Mary Stevenson born 23 Dec 1778 died circa 1875 buried Pisgah Cemetery, Woodford Co, KY.  Married Mr. Pogue (?).
  2. Samuel Stevenson born 31 May 1781.  Soldier in War 1812.  Married 25 Jan 1809 in Woodford Co, KY Elizabeth Clarke.  Given land in Woodford County by father Samuel.
  3. Thomas Stevenson born 10 Oct 1784 probably KY died 21 Jan 1851 in Greene Co, OH.  Married 19 Dec 1811 n Greene Co, OH Mary Steele born 18 Feb 1792 died 14 Oct 1863 buried Massies Creek Cem. Children:
   a. Jane Stevenson born 15 April 1813.  Married Martin B. Steele
   b. James Stevenson born 27 Aug 1815 died 1882.
   c. Nancy Patten Stevenson born 30 June 1817.
   d. Samuel Stevenson born 11 Aug 1819.  Married ___ McClure.
   e. Martha Stevenson born 13 Jan 1822.  Married Adam Gowel.
   f. Sarah Steele Stevenson born 29 April 1824.  Married Fred Henry.
   g. Mary Ann Stevenson born 29 April 1824 died 6 Sept 1834 of typhoid.
   h. Thomas Gay Stevenson born 14 April 1827 died 1849.  Unmarried.
   i. John Stevenson born 6 July 1829 died 1918.  Capt Civil War.
   j. Joseph Stevenson born 21 Jan 1832.  Married Emily Roberts.  His will probated 1867.
  1. Robert Stevenson born 8 Dec 1785 died 26 July 1851 in Woodford Co. KY.  He was given land in Woodford Co, KY by his father's will.
  2. Jane Stevenson born 10 Jan 1788.  Dr. King says she married James Cox.
  3. William Stevenson born 10 Oct 1791.  According to brother Robert's will in Woodford Co, KY, he was dead in 1848. Had son Robert.
  4. Alexander Stevenson born 10 Oct 1791.  Married 12 Jan 1808 in Bourbon Co, KY, Sally Achman (Aikman).  Given land in Woodford Co, KY.
Following are records of the families of the three sons of Samuel who were given land in Greene Co, OH, James, John and Thomas.  Some of this data came from the genealogy of Mr. Roy Stevenson King.  Miss Bess James 36 Glenwood Dr. Dayton, OH gave the record for John, also some obtained from his will recorded in Xenia, OH.  Charles Thomas Stevenson of Quincy, OH has an old Bible with family records of Thomas Stevenson.  Mrs. J. V. Hickman also furnished some of the later records of the family.  (Copied by this compiler, Frances Stevenson Main, 250 West William St. Delaware, OH)

 VI-1. JAMES STEVENSON born 21 April 1772 in VA died 31 March 1864 Greene Co, OH.  Married 3 April 1805 Greene Co, OH, Ann Galloway born 4 Feb 1786 died 26 March 1875.  Children:
 1. Jane Gay Stevenson. Married 15 Nov 1837 in Greene Co, OH to Vincent King as second wife. He had Richard King and Mary King by his first wife, Jane Holtzclaw.  Children by second wife:
  a. John Walter King.  Married Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Children:
  1. Vina M. King
  2. Walter King
  3. Joseph King
  a. William Harrison King.  Married Bertha Ritter.
  1. Minnie Genieva. King
  2. Roy Stevenson King who compiled the Stevenson and Allied Families Genealogy
  3. Bertha Dot King
  4. Ruby King.
  a. Sarah Jane King.  Married Frank McGuiness
  1. Mary McGuiness
  2. Joseph McGuiness
  a. Ann King.  Married Albert Stratton
  1. Fred Stratton
  2. Bruce Stratton
  3. Edward Stratton
  4. Beulah Stratton
  5. Albert Stratton
  6. David Stratton
  a. James Basil King.  Married Inez Rittenhouse.
  1. Terrill King
  2. Helen Margaret King.  Married (2) Charles F. Smith.  One daughter.  now lives 1357 Northmoor Ct. Northbrook, IL.  Her DAR# is 126,194 from Revolutionary service of Samuel Stevenson and John Stevenson, his father.
  a. Olive King.  Married James Lott
  1. Maude R. Lott
  2. Ralph Lott
  a. Joseph King.  Married (1) Minnie Newman (2) Ann S. Newman.  1st child by wife 1 remaining by wife 2
  1. Claude C. King
  2. Roy W. King
  3. Milo S. King
  4. Gladys C. King
  5. Kenneth N. King
  6. Joseph Vincent King
  7. Orris C. King
 1. William Dunlap Stevenson.  Married 29 Jan 1833 Catherine McClelland.
  a. Margaret J. Stevenson died 1849 age 9 buried Massie's Creek Cemetery.
 1. Rebecca Ann Stevenson.  Married 21 Feb 1833 Greene Co. OH to Charles Johnston.  Children:
  a. James Johnston.  Married Miss Kane
  b. Mary Johnston.  Married Charles Barnes
  c. John Johnston.  Married Martha Havens
  d. Martha Johnston.  Married N. N. Baldridge.
  e. Joseph Johnston.  Married Cora Nivens.
  f. Catherine Johnston.  Married H. Wright
  g. Rebecca Johnston.  Married J. A. Benson
  h. Amanda Johnston.  Married S. C. Kirkpatrick.
  i. Sarah Johnston.  Married Alonze McKinney.
 1. Samuel N. Stevenson born April 1816 died 23 March 1901.  Married 14 March 1846 Sarah Olive Keenean born 30 July 1812 died 24 Jan 1906.  He gave land for Stevenson or Massie's Creek Cemetery, Greene Co OH.
  a. Susanna Stevenson died 17 Feb 184?
  b. Mary Elizabeth Stevenson.  Married Philander Wayne at Mt. Carmel, IL.
  c. Rachel Samantha Stevenson.  Married Napoleon B. Smith.  Lived in MO.
  d. Ellen Louise Stevenson.  Married Wallace Freeman.
  e. Ann Lucretia Stevenson.  Married 1877 Wm. H. Bull Jr.  Children:
  1. Anna May Bull.  Married Walter Watkins.
  a. Deona May Watkins
  b. Doris Watkins
  1. William LeRoy Bull
  a. James William Stevenson.  Married Louisa Cunningham.  Children:
  1. Homer Stevenson
  2. Clarke Stevenson
  3. Lester Stevenson
  a. Aletha Jane Stevenson.  Married Robert Bird. .  Children
  1. Frank Bird
  2. L. Verna Bird died 1957.  Married J. Lloyd Confer
  3. Robert Fred Bird
  4. Harry Freedman Bird
  5. Mary Edna Bird
  a. Sarah Louise Stevenson born 1865 died 1 Dec 1877.
 1. Mary Elizabeth Stevenson.  Married (1) James Gibson (2) George W. Connair.  First 3 children by 1st husband, remaining  children by 2nd husband.
  a. Margaret Gibson.  Married B. Lott.
  b. Amelia Gibson
  c. Martha R. Gibson.  Married Bruce McCormick.  Children:
  1. Wirt McCormick
  2. Flora McCormick
  3. Elsie McCormick
  4. Everett McCormick
  a. James Connair
  b. Mary Connair.  Married ___ Hissong
  c. Sarah Connair.  Married James Park.
 1. Vance Park.
 1. Catherine Stevenson born 1822 died 29 Aug 1846 age 24 years.  Married George Harbison.
 2. Martha Stevenson.  Married Joseph B. Gibson.
  a. Emmazetta Gibson.  Married Joseph B. Gibson..
  1. Oscar Huston
  2. Lee Huston
  3. Olive Huston
  a. William H. Gibson.  Married Cora B. Nash.
  1. Hazel M. Gibson
  2. Edena L. Gibson
  3. Bernice Gibson
  4. Zetta Gibson
  a. Sarah L. Gibson.  Married Charles Ballard.
  b. Harvey Gibson.
 1. James Gay Stevenson.  Married Sarah J. Gibson.
  a. Anna A. Stevenson.  Married Granville Shin
  1. Nina Shinn
  2. Eva Shinn
  3. Arthur Shinn
  a. Henry O. Stevenson
  b. Albert W. Stevenson
  c. Samuel J. Stevenson
  d. Effie L. Stevenson
  e. James T. Stevenson
  f. William H. Stevenson
  g. Charles R. Stevenson
  h. Edgar A. Stevenson.

Now appears the record of the family of John Stevenson, the second of the three sons of Samuel Stevenson and Jane Gay Stevenson to migrate from Woodford Co, KY to Greene County, OH.  These records were sent in by Miss Bass James, 36 Glenwood Ave.  Dayton, OH.

VI-3. JOHN STEVENSON born 22 July 1776 in probably the Greenbriar area of what is now Pocahontas Co, WV died 14 May 1846 in Greene Co, OH.  Married 27 Jan 1807 Greene Co OH to Catherine Kirkpatrick died 19 Feb 1850 buried in Stevenson Cemetery.
  1. Thomas Stevenson born 1818 died 2 Oct 1837 age 19 years 3 mo.
  2. Mary Jane Stevenson died 3 Aug 1826 age 1 year.
  3. John K. Stevenson not mentioned in father's will, but in Dr. King's list of children.
  4. Samuel Stevenson, named in will, 1846.
  5. Robert Stevenson born 3 July 1823 died 25 Aug 1889.  Colonel in Civil War. Married 14 April 1847 Mary King born 7 Nov 1828 died 5 Jan 1899.  Daughter of John King born Scotland 1789 died March 1882 age 93 and Helen Aird born Scotland died 1859.
   a. Catherine H. Stevenson born 28 April 1848.  Married 6 Dec 1870 to Henry Forbes.
   b. Margaret J. Stevenson born 10 July 1851 died 22 June 1886.  Married 26 Aug 1874 to E. P. James.
    1. Delphine James born 25 Feb 1876 died 5 May 1905.
    2. Bass James born 26 Feb 1878 now lives 36 Glenwood Ave Dayton, OH.  She is the authority for most of these records.
    3. Frances James born 16 Dec 1880 died 20 Feb 1889.
    4. Margaret James born 9 Aug 1884 died 8 Dec 1891.
   a. John J. Stevenson b 3 Sept 1854 died 23 Sept 1861.
   b. Frank C. Stevenson born 4 Oct 1858 died 19 Sept 1935 age 77 years.
   c. Ada Stevenson born 5 Dec 1864 died 23 Sept 1953.  Married 26 Nov 1884 to David Turnbull born 4 Feb 1857 died 27 Jan 1915.  Ada Stevenson's DAR# 40,265 on the record of Samuel Stevenson and John Stevenson, father of Samuel.
    1. Robert Stevenson Turnbull born 10 June 1886 died 1 Jan 1902.
    2. John Maxwell Turnbull born 8 July 1889 died 14 March 1952.  Married 12 July 1909 to Marie Giltner born 7 Sept 1888 died 1 Feb 1953.
    a. Maxine Turnbull born 30 Jun 1914.  Married (1) Dean Johnston, (2) Keith T. Eldridge.
    b. David Turnbull born 25 Oct 1916.  Married 23 Sept 1939 to Ruth Bucholz.  They operate the Turnbull Funeral Home in Monmouth, IL.
    1. Christine Marie Turnbull born 12 Sept 1941
    2. Nancy Ann Turnbull born 14 Sept 1946.
    3. John David Turnbull born 6 Jan 1950.
    4. Lois Turnbull born 17 March 1895.  Married 10 June 1915 to Bryant Fletcher Braiden.
    a. David Stevenson Braiden.  Married Tonny Lu McCall.
    b. Bryant Fletcher Braiden born 29 April 1919 died 9 July 1928.
  1. Alexander D. Stevenson
  2. Margaret Scott Stevenson.  Married ___ Dull after 1852.
  3. Sarah Ann Stevenson.  Married Joseph C. Ward 24 Dec 1835.
  4. Elizabeth Stevenson.  Married ___ Townsley before 1846.

Now appears the record of the family of the third son of Samuel and Jan Gay Stevenson who migrated from Woodford Co, KY to Greene Co OH.  The record as given by Dr. King is not at all complete, and some mistakes were made.  Mr. Charles Thomas Stevenson of Quincy, OH born 2 Dec 1870 has an old Bible belonging to his father and records of the family of Thomas are also contained in it.  Mr. J. Vernon Hickman, daughter of Mr. Charles Thomas Stevenson also furnished some of these records.  She also lives in Quincy.

 VI-6. THOMAS STEVENSON born 10 Oct 1784, probably in KY, died 21 Jan 1857Greene Co OH, buried in Massie's Creek Cem.  Married 19 Dec 1811 in Green Co OH to Mary Steele born 18 Feb 1792 died 14 Oct 1863.
  1. Jane  Stevenson born 15 April 1813.  Married 17 Jan 1837 to Martin B. Steele.  The Steele family moved to Kansas.
  a. John Steele
  b. Jane Steele
  1. James Stevenson born 27 Aug 1815 died 1882.  Married Jane Knox
  a. Robert Knox Stevenson.  Married Jennie McClellan
  1. Mae Stevenson
  2. Edna Stevenson
  a. John B. Stevenson.  Married (1) ___ Dubois, (2) St. Clair.
  b. Thomas S. Stevenson.  Married Lily Wolfe
  1. Thomas Stevenson born 20 Sept 1852
  a. Jane Stevenson.  Married Robert Knowles of Denver, Colorado.  DAR# 9290
  1. Nancy Patten Stevenson born 1817.
  2. Samuel Stevenson born 11 Aug 1819.  Married ___ McClure.
   a. Margaret Stevenson.  Married ___ Wilson.  2 children, Lived Idaville, IN.
   b. Josephine Stevenson.  Married Johnny McClure.  Lived Sidney, OH.
   c. Anna Stevenson.  Married ___ Thompson.  Lived in Kansas.
   d. Fanny Stevenson.  Married __ Shaw.  2 sons.  Lived in Topeka Kansas.
   e. Frank Stevenson.  Married  Lived east of Sidney, OH
   f. Harry Stevenson.  Married.  1 daughter lives in FL or GA.
  1. Martha Stevenson born 13 Jan 1822.  Married Adam Gowel.
   a. Forge Gowel.  Married 1 son.
   b. Sally Gowel.  Married ___ Liones.  2 children lives Mutual, OH.
   c. Charles Gowel.  Went West as a young man.
   d. William Gowel..
  1. Sarah Steele Stevenson born 29 April 1824.  Married Fred Henry
   a. Anna Henry.  Married ___ Ewing.  No children.
  1. Mary Ann Stevenson born 29 April 1824 died 6 Sept 1834 of Typhoid.
  2. Thomas Gay Stevenson born 14 April 1827.  Unmarried.
  3. John Stevenson born 6 July 1829 died 1918.  Capt in Civil War, 4th Ohio Regt.  Married 7 Jan 1858 to Jane Bradfute.
   a. William Bradfute Stevenson born 19 Oct 1858 died Jan 1937.  Married Lizzie Andrews.  No children
   b. Elizabeth May Stevenson born 18 May 1868 died Nov 1943.  Unmarried.
   c. Charles Thomas Stevenson born 2 Dec 1870.  Married 20 June 1901 to Hattie Mae McMillen died 1958.
    1. Nina Elizabeth Stevenson born 20 May 1912.  Married 23 June 1937 to J. Vernon Hickman.  Lives in Quincy, OH.
    a. John Steven Hickman born 17 Oct 1947.
  1. Joseph Stevenson born 21 Jan 1832.  Married Emily Roberts.  His will probated 1867 in Greend Co, OH.
   a. Thomas Charles Stevenson.  Married.  One adopted son.
   b. Fred Stevenson.  Lived near West Liberty, OH.  Several children and grandchildren.
   c. Mabel Stevenson.  Married ___ Dunlap.
    1. Mary Dunlap
    2. Anna Dunlap.  Married ___ Bobborn Lived in Delaware, OH about 1929.
   a. William Stevenson.  Married one daughter, one son.  Lived near Xenia, OH.

The above records of the family of Thomas Stevenson do not appear in the genealogy of Dr. Roy Stevenson King.  This compiler has a copy of the attendance records of the Stevenson Family reunions held in the early year of this century.  Mrs. Hickman was kind enough to let us copy them, she has the original.  Many of the names in the above record appear on the pages of the reunion lists.

This record has been assembled [published 1959] by Frances Stevenson Main, 250 West William St. Delaware, OH.  In the search for my own branch of the Stevenson family, it was my good fortune to be come acquainted with some of the members of this family, and to be able to untangle some of the relationships which had been confused by some lack of earlier records.

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